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Clash of Command: Campaign of 1863

There is no “taking turns” in war!

Clash of Command is a Team vs Team WeGo Tactical Strategy game. The WeGo system is a truly realistic combat simulation system: All players plan and issue orders to their units at the same time. Orders are then processed simultaneously and the resulting after action reports are then sent to players for review and planning for the next turn. Using our custom game engine; you will strategically plan orders for some of histories most famous units, and then watch as your carefully laid plans are laid to waste by the chaos of war (Its fun! We promise).

Take Command of History

The Clash of Command series puts you in command at some of the most pivotal moments of human history. Outmaneuver your opponents, race to capture key objectives and/or reduce your enemy to ashes!

True Multiplayer Chain of Command

Clash of Command will be available in both a unique and historically accurate Team vs Team “Versus” mode (1v1, 2v2, 3v3, and 5v5 games available), a Co-op Team vs AI mode (5, 4, 3 or 2 player), and a single player mode. Team vs Team and Co-op modes will feature a true true chain of command. Each team has a commanding general that receives complete operational intelligence for their side, while each sub commander can only "see" what their own units see. Team communications and strategy will be critical to your success.

Historically Accurate Order of Battle

The first module: The Campaign of 1863 will feature one of the most dramatic and exciting periods of American history: The U.S. Civil War. Specifically Lee’s 1863 march upon the north which lead to the historic battle of Gettysburg. Taken from historic records, all game units like the Iron Brigade and the Stonewall Brigade begin the game in their historically accurate locations.

Play at your pace

Look, you're busy, your friends are busy, we get it. This is why we've created a flexible Play at your own Pace schedule system. If you want to play a Speed game with 5 min turn deadlines, go for it. If you want to play a more thoughtful and strategic game, set up a Daily or heck even a Weekly paced game. Clash of Command allows you to set the pace of the game to fit your preferred pace of play.